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Start Date: Sep 1, 2018

End Date: Aug 31, 2021

Budget: € 4.611.395

Launch Project

Unified DR interoperability framework enabling market participation of active energy consumers

The European energy system is currently missing out on a vast source of demand flexibility that could provide multi-faceted benefits to the system, the energy generation and demand flexibility of buildings. This flexibility currently remains unattainable due to the lack of a technological framework that can connect the multitude of buildings and building systems with the energy system in a cost-effective manner as well as the reluctance of energy consumers to enroll in demand response programs. DRIMPAC aims at providing a unique and universal technological framework that facilitates the end-to-end communication of the necessary information for the discovery and delivery of demand flexibility as well as enhances building management intelligence and automation in order to efficiently coordinate energy generation and demand for the mutual benefit of the prosumer and the energy system, while preserving comfortable and healthy living conditions.

In the nutshell, DRIMPAC offers a comprehensive solution to empower consumer to become active participants in the energy markets. It comprises three main pillars:

  • A legacy and Standards-compliant interoperability framework to interconnect building energy loads/appliances and expose their demand flexibility as price-responsive demand to the grid or for market actors to aggregate and bid in energy markets.
  • A human-centric, intelligent building energy management system that will lift the burden of demand response from the consumers shoulders and reduce reluctance and fear of participation in DR programs. It will infer user comfort preferences and dynamically control building loads to minimize energy cost and use for the building occupant leveraging dynamic prices, while always preserving comfortable and healthy indoor conditions.
  • Innovative business models and service offering for energy retailers in order to facilitate their transformation from commodity suppliers to digital energy service suppliers.